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Our page guides you through the essential steps of the real estate sales process in France, providing you with a thorough understanding of each phase. From preparing the property to signing with the notary, we accompany you at every step to ensure a seamless experience in line with your expectations.

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Buying a property in France

Buying in France involves complex laws. Our teams guide you and connect you with specialized partners. Whether or not you are a French resident, we provide confidential assistance every step of the way. We can also connect you with partners specializing in finance and administration. Discover what you need to know about the sales process.

Overview of a Purchase Project


Project sharing: search criteria

The selling process begins: Our client, Mr. X, is looking for an ideally located farmhouse in the peaceful region of Luberon, near perched villages such as Gordes or Bonnieux. He would like 4 bedrooms, an outbuilding for guests or leisure, a swimming pool, and a well-maintained garden for children. Criteria include Provençal architecture with stone walls, exposed beams, a spacious kitchen, and a countryside view. The allocated budget is €3,000,000.


The search for the perfect match

Once all search criteria are gathered, our dedicated sales representative begins the search to find THE perfect match for our client. A carefully selected range has been submitted to him/her to plan visits. Simultaneously, our marketing team has sent him/her newsletters containing the latest opportunities, favorite properties, and information on the real estate market. This communication aims to keep the client informed and present properties they may not have considered.


The visit

The sales process continues with the visit. Our sales representative then scheduled property tours that met the client’s search criteria. When he discovered a property offering a magnificent view of Luberon and exceptional amenities, our client had a genuine crush. As a result, he decided to submit a purchase offer for this property.


The purchase offer

Following the “coup de coeur”, the client made a price offer to acquire the property. This offer was presented to the owner. The owner has the choice to accept it or negotiate the offer. At this point, the sales representative must represent the interests of both the seller and the buyer to the best of their ability.


Signing the sales agreement

The seller has agreed to the purchase offer, leading both parties, with the help of our real estate agent, to visit the notary to proceed with the signing of the sales agreement. This is a preliminary step to the conclusion of the authentic deed. At this stage, a deposit of 5 to 10% of the sale price has been agreed upon and is expected. Additionally, specific conditions, such as the purchase of furniture, have been negotiated. The 10-day withdrawal period has then started. During this period the buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase without incurring financial penalties.


Signing the authentic deed

Generally, the buying process takes 1 to 3 months after signing the sales agreement before the parties meet at the notary to finalize the sale by signing the authentic deed. The payment of the remaining sale price and handing over the keys occurred after the signing at the notary. Now, our clients can create cherished family memories every summer in Provence.

The Expenses to Consider

The purchase of a main or secondary residence involves expenses that our team can detail for you. To avoid any surprises, it’s important to be guided in estimating the potential cost when making an offer on a property. As a non-French resident, we recommend relying on our trusted partners to guide you through this financial aspect.

What to Plan For?

In France, there are several taxes, fees, and costs to consider when embarking on an acquisition project:

– Property tax
– Habitation tax
– Potential income taxes
– Notary fees

Only the buyer is liable for notary fees. He/she also pays the registration fees. The total fees represent approximately 7% of the purchase price, depending on the nature of the project and the area.


Processus de vente Luberon


What Comes After a Purchase?

Our Home Management service is here to offer you a tailor-made support package.

Becoming a homeowner is the greatest adventure, but it’s not always easy to navigate through administrative procedures or take over certain contracts, especially when buying a second home. Our team is here to assist you for two months or long-term after your acquisition to manage your property.

Various services can be offered to you throughout the year. Beate and Isabel, fluent in multiple languages, will support you without language barriers and help you settle in. Come and experience Provence with peace of mind.

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