Our in-house communication & marketing service

With our dedicated marketing service, give your property exceptional visibility, differentiate yourself in the market, and benefit from sharp expertise on current trends. Our approach, focused on generating qualified leads, enhancing your property, and dynamic adaptability ensures visibility for your property.

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A marketing team that listens to you

The marketing team was created in 2015, initiating digital growth. Today, nearly 10 experts work daily in enhancing and promoting your property. We use various channels such as editorial advertising, digital, social networks… Always attentive to changes, we implement and test new trends, offering optimal visibility supported by strategic thinking.

A local approach

Key partnerships with local stakeholders and on-the-ground actions for a territorial strategy.

A national impact

Daily synergy with our associates at Knight Frank France (nearly 35 agencies).

A global reach

Thanks to digital and our partnership with Knight Frank, we reach an international clientele.

Our levers to provide you with optimized visibility


Editorial advertising

We meticulously plan the promotion of our properties through various national and international channels such as Propriétés le Figaro, Beau de Provence, Ideat, L’Eventail, Luxury leads, Pure, Financial times… The marketing service carries out targeted actions, including press releases to reach our niche market. In addition, our own magazine with a circulation of 40,000 copies is distributed in our estate agencies and iconic locations in the region. Hard-hitting flyers and brochures complement our approach, targeting a specific clientele.

Marketing print


The digital world

On a daily basis, we constantly adapt to the digital world to stay at the forefront of trends and increase visibility. We actively manage online advertising campaigns, optimize search engine rankings, ensure daily website maintenance, and create content for the blog and listings.

Furthermore, we carefully select and manage real estate portals based on weekly analyses, ensuring a top presence in the listings. We regularly send newsletters to a database of nearly 50,000 people, thus strengthening our impact at Janssens Immobilier.

Additionally, we digitally propose home staging projects to generate interest from potential buyers, followed by a thorough analysis of the results, contributing to our strategic positioning in real estate.



Social Media

Social Media, essential for years, especially since the pandemic, are managed by two people internally. They engage with our community on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, My Google Business, etc. Find our portfolio and our beautiful region highlighted on these platforms. We establish quality partnerships and collaborate with renowned influencers for widespread exposure. Video and photo content creation is integrated into our approach to social media management.

Marketing digital


Visual communication

To increase visibility, we make our physical offices and properties visible to passersby and local partners. Thanks to the partnership with Knight Frank and their 500 agencies, our reputation extends from local to global. Events are organized for causes that matter to us, in collaboration with our teams and partners. Our TV appearances on BFM Business, M6, France2, strengthen our media presence. Press relations consolidate our expertise. All our estate agencies benefit from thoughtful and dynamic signage, as well as strategic displays.

Actions marketing

A close collaboration with the sales team

To meet customer expectations, close collaboration between marketing, sales, and the seasonal rental service is crucial. Regular brainstorming sessions and meetings enhance connectivity between departments to define key actions, boosters, and support. This synergy optimizes our communication.

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