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Limitless assistance in the purchase of vineyard estates. Whether you are the owner of a property that you would like to assess and discreetly put up for sale, someone interested in acquiring a domain, or simply curious about this niche market, our team will guide and support you in your endeavor.

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Janssens Knight Frank Vineyards

Janssens Knight Frank Vineyards, the new specialized entity of Janssens Immobilier. It establishes itself as the reference in the Knight Frank international network for vineyards estates for sale in French territory.

Benefit from the global reach of Knight Frank combined with the local expertise of our professionals at Janssens Immobilier.

Whether you are buying or selling a vineyard, our team accompanies you from Provence to Tuscany, mobilizing the resources of our collaborators within the 500 Knight Frank agencies.

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Who are we?

For 15 years, Nicolas Parmentier has led and developed the 4 vineyards owned by his family, spanning the regions of Luberon, Alpilles, and the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Following the sale of the last family vineyard in 2019, he decided to establish a company specializing in the creation, management, and support of vineyards. This new venture takes him to various regions, from Provence to the Rhône Valley, including Languedoc, Bordeaux, Switzerland, and Belgium.

The emergence of Janssens Knight Frank Vineyards is the realization of several years of collaboration. It now positions itself as the national reference in vineyard real estate within Janssens Immobilier. We are also the France representative of the international group Knight Frank.


Discreet exchanges and sales process for each of our clients

Expertise and experience

With a 20 year experience in the field, our team accompanies you

International network

13 agencies in Provence, over 500 agencies across 60 territories worldwide

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The Vineyards Network, Provence, and much more...

In the world of viticulture, transmission holds a key importance. It encompasses the sharing of knowledge, the realization of projects, the preservation of heritage, and the promotion of a vision. Humans, with their creative energy, sense of innovation, intuitions, and hard work, transform agricultural lands into tools of creation and production. It is in this dynamic context that Janssens Knight Frank Vineyards finds its “raison d’être”: connecting individuals driven by the desire to develop viticultural projects. Facilitating the succession of their estates and thus contributing to the development of quality winemaking in our terroirs. Specializing in Provence, our extensive network not only allows us to offer you estates in France but also internationally (Italy, Australia, Spain, and more). Explore viticultural opportunities with us across the globe.



Assisting the Buyer

Our approach begins by understanding your aspirations, whether it’s acquiring a vineyard or agricultural land, creating a new cellar, or diversifying your range of wines. Once your project is defined, we establish a detailed plan, developing a realistic budget aligned with your goals. Our technical teams intervene with expertise and innovation to bring your vision to life, whether through modernizing equipment or creating new wine ranges. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We are also your partners in viticultural and oenological support, offering personalized advice to optimize the quality of your products. Furthermore, to ensure the long-term success of your operation, we provide both short-term and long-term missions in operational management. At Janssens Knight Frank Vineyards, each stage of your project is meticulously orchestrated. Come explore with us the possibilities that will redefine the future of your vineyard.

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Assisting the Seller

At the core of Janssens Knight Frank Vineyards, we position ourselves as dedicated partners to guide vineyard owners through a transparent and successful selling process. Our approach begins with a meticulous evaluation of your vineyard, encompassing the assessment of its strengths and the identification of legal, tax, land, agronomic, and commercial realities. This in-depth analysis aims to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of your property in the market. Following this, we craft a sophisticated marketing strategy that highlights the strengths of your vineyard while upholding the strictest confidentiality. Our goal is to ensure optimal visibility while preserving the necessary discretion throughout the selling process. Lastly, we actively engage in a targeted search to identify the ideal buyer. Leveraging our extensive network and market analysis expertise, we pinpoint potential buyers positioned to fully grasp the potential of your vineyard estate.

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Knight Frank : connecting people and property, perfectly

For 10 years, Janssens Immobilier has been associated with the international luxury real estate group Knight Frank. With a presence in the residential market for nearly 120 years, Knight Frank forms a network of over 500 agencies worldwide. By combining its expert knowledge, experience, and reputation for trusted client relationships, Knight Frank has established itself as a leader in luxury real estate.

Our agencies work closely with the headquarters based in London. This collaboration particularly extends to the agencies in France, strengthening our ability to support you in your projects, whether at the national or international level.

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