Fee Schedule

Our fee schedule reflects our commitment to clarity and the added value we bring to each real estate transaction.

Our commission is more than just compensation; it is the guarantee of our expertise, dedication, and the resources we invest to ensure the success of your transaction.

Each percentage of our commission is justified by our personalized approach, strategic skills, and commitment to providing you with an unparalleled real estate experience. We firmly believe that the quality of our services is reflected in our fee schedule, detailing each step of our assistance, from enhancing your property to the conclusion of the transaction.

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Fee Schedule

Since 01/01/2024 :

Sale – Purchase: 6% VAT included

Apart from transactions involving vineyard and agricultural properties, for which our fees are 7.2% including tax for properties with a selling price below €3.5 million, and 6% including tax for properties with a selling price above €3.5 million.

This rate includes VAT at a rate of 20%.

For our ‘Sales Agreements,’ our fees are at the seller’s charge. They include visit services, negotiation, preparation of the sales file, as well as communication and marketing expenses.

For our ‘Search Agreements,’ our fees are at the buyer’s charge. They include the search for properties based on specified criteria, as well as visit and negotiation services.

Real estate transactions, business sales, and sales related to barges.


Seasonal rental :

21% incl. VAT of the rental amount