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Nicolas Parmentier spent 15 years managing and developing various wine estates owned by his family in Provence; Luberon, Alpilles and the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. During this time, he also ran a vineyard management business which led him to work on many wine properties in Provence. Following the sale of the last vineyard of the family group in 2019, he wanted to share his experience with a real estate group.

Rudi Janssens founded the Janssens Immobilier Group 20 years ago and has nearly 10 agencies and 45 employees spread across Provence and the Riviera today. This group is also associated with the prestigious international Knight Frank property group, based in London.

Nicolas and Rudi decided to combine their skills and expertise in order to jointly establish an organisation providing services for transactions, sales and acquisitions of vineyards and agricultural properties. The Terra Vitica brand was born.


Terra Vitica’s raison d'être is to connect people driven by a desire to develop and grow agricultural and wine projects in order to facilitate the transfer of property and thereby keep their terroirs alive through quality agricultural projects.

The agricultural world is a world of transfer | Transfer of knowledge, projects, heritage, visions.

Through their creative energy, a sense of innovation, their intuition and their work, people are able to transform agricultural land into a creative and productive tool.


Marketing expertise

The internal marketing department of Terra Vitica and Janssens Immobilier provides greater visibility. The team's goal is to promote and enhance properties using a variety of media. We come up with the best strategy while maintaining confidentiality for owners who desire it.

Strategic expertise

The agricultural world is changing. Production methods are constantly evolving, new products are regularly appearing and giving birth to new markets. Consumers are increasingly more demanding, informed and critical. Selling or acquiring a vineyard or agricultural property means being able to form part of this dynamic, to understand its mechanisms and to use all available resources. Through its involvement in numerous farms and its network of experts, Terra Vitica is able to support you in this.


Support the seller

Selling your vineyard or agricultural property is a complex process with significant uncertainties.

The Mission of Terra Vitica is as follows:

  • Assess the potential of the estate, enhance its assets and identify its legal, financial, agronomic, land and commercial situation.

  • Develop a marketing strategy that will enhance the assets of your property while maintaining maximum confidentiality.

  • Research and identify a buyer who will have the best chance of realising the full potential of your property.

Support the buyer

Buying a vineyard or an agricultural property means, above all, making a project a reality and sometimes even making a dream come true.

To give yourself every chance of success, Terra Vitica offers a three-step process:

  • Identify the type of project you are looking for.
  • Plan and budget the project.
  • Work on the project at a technical level.

Terra Vitica will also support you in setting up your project after the acquisition, including support to connect with service providers, production monitoring, management and accounting. Whether it’s a one-off service or a longer-term relationship, our teams are at your disposal to support you.