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Merci à la famille Janssens de m'avoir tenu au courant des opportunités de la région.Cela m'a permis de rêver,mais hélas mon âge ne me permet plus les fantaisies et je me suis rangée dans le petit village de Puyricard et y termine ma vie gentiment.

Bien amicalement.M.A.Roelandts.Merci... 



Goede middag Mr Janssens,

Na de verkoop van onze woning woensdag laatstleden door bemiddeling van uw kantoor te Isle sur La Sorge, hielden we eraan U nog even op de hoogte te stellen van de vlotte samenwerking met Mr Gargani, die sereen en efficiënt deze zaak heeft begeleid.

Alleszins ook bedankt voor uw tussentijdse assistentie.

We hebben de jarenlange goede faam die U heeft opgebouwd zeker mogen ervaren.

We kunnen verder enkel uw kantoor aanbevelen aan mogelijk geïnteresseerden in de toekomst.

U succes wensend  in de verdere ontplooiing van uw bedrijf,

Vriendelijke groeten,

Wygers Mark Biscop Peggy




Nous avons beaucoup apprécié votre accompagnement durant la période d'acquisition de la maison.

Nous tenons également à vous remercier pour votre gentille attention. Nous avons ouvert le livre hier soir ainsi que l'enveloppe. Le livre est magnifique et nous aurons beaucoup de plaisir à suivre un cours de cuisine !

En espérant vous recroiser prochainement,

Très cordialement,

Pascale THILL




Thank you so much for finding time to talk to Philip, I know that he found it very useful. Apologies for recommending you, but Isobel and I both thought you were far and away the most professional estate agent we ever had contact with in France!


Richard Workman



"Merci à l'agence Janssens de m'avoir permis de vendre ce bien. Je tiens à remercier tout particulièrement Nicola Christinger qui a suggéré à ses clients de découvrir L'école des filles, convaincue que cette propriété leur était destinée!

De par sa disponibilité, sa capacité d'écoute, sa réactivité, son efficacité, sa patience et sa détermination la vente de ce bien a pu se réaliser."

Mme Legendre



Dear Jack,

yes – we made it and we are very happy. Thanks for your “working behind the scenes” activities and your support at the start of the project. Talking about Janssens we can only talk about Nicola. Maybe you did experience already that German people are quite reluctant to pay somebody a compliment but Nicola’s support was (and is) amazing. To work with a her is a really great pleasure for us. She is professional, reliable, pro-active, creative, cooperative and persistent in a positive sense and honestly – we could not expect more. She deserves all our and also your recognition and you really can be deeply grateful working together with her (Thank you Nicola!!!). Without her we probably would not have made it and. Emily, her team member,  was also very supportive, cooperative and perfectly prepared when we had one visit at the house while Nicola was on vacation.

We will now start with phase 2 of this great project and we are looking forward  to our Provence adventure.

Let’s stay in contact and best regards

Martin & Alexandra



Dear Christine

Well done. I have been very impressed by your handling of the transaction and I am pleased with this outcome.

I will be having assistance with the first contract from David Barney of Barney & Co. Solicitors. I will also be looking to have a survey made on the loft.

In haste





Nous venons de finaliser un achat dans la région. Vous pouvez donc nous supprimer de votre fichier prospects.

En vous remerciant de tous vos efforts pour trouver notre "perle rare" et avec nos compliments pour votre grand professionalisme.

D. Espinet & JJ. Guillemaud



Dear Rudi and Carine Janssens,

We wanted to thank Janssens, especially thanks to Christine, as the proud owners of a new home in Lourmarin.  This would have not been possible without the professionalism, care and "attention to detail"  Christine Petrosino gave us over the past few months.  She was always there for us.  The day before the final signing, Christine helped us to organise all the services for the new house.  We are not French and there were lots of things we didn’t know about the systems here.  In short, Christine did everything to ensure that our purchase was a pleasant experience. 

She actually reminded us of the very first time we bought our very first house over thirty years ago, the estate agent then kept close by our side and guided us every step of the way to ensure a smooth purchase.

We will definitely be recommending Christine and Janssens to our friends when they decide to move to Provence to join us here.

Thank you again.

Kind regards,

Cindy and Nicky 



We did it! St Remy here we come!!! HUGE congratulations goes to you too Nicola. This deal had it's challenges and is signed because of you and your diligence, hard work, skill and commitment. We appreciate all you've done and can't thank you enough.

We'll be raising a glass in your honour tonight! Big hugs from us both! Talk to you soon, Sandi & Tim



Chere Constance

Votre compte rendu me fait beaucoup de plaisir. Et quelle famille délicieuse. Bien sûr je ferais des rafraichissements aussi si je le pouvais.

Travailler avec vous et Rudger est un vrai plaisir et je vous remercie de votre dévouement et professionnalisme

Donc, à la prochaine!

Passez un bel été.


Anna Laura von Buren



Un grand merci ma chère Constance ,et chers vous tous pour ce charmant compte -rendu de la visite de lundi 1er Août .Oui je suis certaine que Tirasol va enthousiasmer un futur acquéreur et que nous allons trouver un "amoureux ,poète" de notre bel endroit .

Avec toutes nos amitiés à l'équipe d'Hugo . N.B. comme vous avez pu le constater les travaux du Bastidon ont commencé ce lundi ,ce sera plusprésentable dès la fin de la semaine .

Beau WE du 15 Août à tous et à bientôt  

Dominique Ader



Hello Rutger,
May we say a big thank you for all your professionalism and hard work in bringing together the perfect sale . I was very impressed with our two Notaires who were charming
Twenty years ago there was no laughing and a lot of respectful behaviour towards them.
Would you thank Hugo for us and say Au Revoir and that we are sorry we were not a 24million sale for you all ( maybe next time!)
It was a pleasure to do business with you. Good wishes for your future and your little baby.
Susan and John



Dear Mr Janssens , Yesterday my wife and I completed on the purchase of a property brokered by Henk Callens. We would like to say how grateful we are for the good services of your company and in particular for the excellent support of Henk who has also been kindly helping us with the provision of utilities and other essentials.

We will enjoy reading "La Provence d'antan" that you thoughtfully gave to us.

Yours sincerely

Andrew and Susannah Hirst



Bonjour Stephanie,

Thank you very much for all you did to help us last week and for putting us in this amazing villa in St. Saturnine Les Apt.   This house is gorgeous and the views are breathtaking!! Robert and I appreciate all you have done for us.  We are enjoying a wonderful and you helped make this week possible.  We have beaucoup de gratitude!

Kind regards,




Dear Rudi and Rutger 

To you both for your great help along the way. I KNOW we haven't been the easiest of clients!!!! But seriously thank you for bearing with us and for going the extra mile when needed. Also for the lovely flowers and very clever gifts. We are delighted. The question is do I take up the cookery class or do I send Chris on an automatic bike ride in a quest to get him to SELL THE VESPA and take up cycling again!!!!

When all the works are done please come and see the house and see what you think.





Chère Christine,

Nous sommes bien rentrés à Karlsruhe et nous vous remercions vivement pour votre aide de réaliser la vente de notre maison. You did a great job !!!

Bien à vous

Hans et Ann Firnges



Bonjour, Je voulais vous remercier encore pour toutes vos délicates attentions Le champagne, le livre et le cadeau à l'intérieur c'était vraiment très touchant. Merci encore et à bientôt. Cordialement Véronique PAGEAT 



Knight Frank International and their local agent Janssens Immobilier acted for the vendor on our purchase. Their modus operandi, however, was more as an advisor. Intimate knowledge of the local market and of the dynamics of the French domestic legal system proved invaluable for us as purchasers. Rudi Janssens was not only extremely professional, he was also hugely committed. We would happily recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch property agent.
Hopefully that does the trick!



Hi Franck

After many years of searching for an old Mas in the Province through local agents, we connected with Frank Knight in the United Kingdom. We were introduced to their local representative Mr Franck de Mondesir who heads up Janssens Immobilier in Isle sur la Sorgue. Franck quickly understood our needs (not only in terms of the requirements for the property but also our hectic work related travel schedules living between Dubai and Prague). He organised multiple visits to charming properties in the region in a single day as well as introducing us to the local bank director. In less than 72 hours we had found our dream house and signed the preliminary agreement with the owner and the bank. Franck work effortlessly in this period to support us which made a real difference. We trully enjoyed dealing with him as a professional and a person.

We already owned a property near Avignon prior to this purchase and hence have a good knowledge of the local real estate market and the agencies in this area. It is without hesitation that we say that the service of Janssens Immobilier is outstanding and we would higly recommend Franck and his team to anyone who is searching for a beautiful new home in the Vaucluse and/or surroundings.

Bart & Danny de Smalen

Danny Leinders




Jayne and I wanted to thank you again for the superb professional service that you have provided this week. It is a pleasure to work with someone who is so knowledgeable and committed. Both Jayne and I really appreciate everything you have done.
I hope the issue for you with the disappointed other party resolves and passes quickly. If you need me to record the steps we took in our discussions then please do not hesitate to ask. I am grateful that we were buying through the best in the business.
I will drop by your office next week at some time to express my thanks again in person but for now I owe my family a few days of holiday!
Kind regards
Neill. T 



Mme Pétrosino, 

Si vous nous le permettez, nous voudrions vous appeler Christine,

Nous voulons ici vous exprimer d'ores et déjà notre vive reconnaissance pour le remarquable accueil que vous nous avez réservé à chaque démarche que nous avons ensemble réalisées; nous voulons aussi vous exprimer toute l'admiration que nous éprouvons pour la haute qualité de votre professionnalisme ainsi que pour votre capacité à parfaitement cerner la recherche de vos interlocuteurs.

Nous souhaitons du fond du coeur que ce projet se concrétise pour avoir la joie de pouvoir continuer à vous voir à Lourmarin avec Thierry et son épouse qui sont, maintenant, des amis en devenir.

Bien à vous, à nous revoir le 1er août prochain,